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March 27, 2013

Tell Congress You Know They’re Lying About Iran

Quote of the Day: “I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace; that two are called a law firm, and that three or more become a Congress!” —John Adams, from the musical 1776

Congress lies about Iran. We demonstrate this in the sample letter below.

These political lies promote policies that harm you and innocent Iranians too. They may even lead to war.

Please consider telling Congress…

  • you know they’re lying
  • you deny consent to another war

You can do so using's “No Conflict With Iran” campaign.

You may copy or edit my sample letter…

War mongering politicians undermine our security by lying about Iran. Examples:

* Sen. Menendez claims, WITHOUT PROOF, that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. (
* Sen. Schumer told New Yorkers Iran “continues to enrich uranium into weapons-grade nuclear materials.”


As Jamal Abdi notes (…

* Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
* Intelligence from Israel and the UN Security Council
* Reports from International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors

…ALL agree that Iran ISN'T enriching uranium to weapons grade and hasn't made a decision to build a nuclear weapon.


* Iran doesn't have materials to load into a nuclear warhead
* Iran is still  years away from assembling and deploying such a warhead

Iran isn’t the threat Congress claims it is, and yet Congress wants to…

* Impose a virtually complete embargo on Iran and sanctions on countries trading with Iran (Rep. Royce's HR 850).
* Unconditionally support Israel, even militarily, should that nation choose to attack Iran (Sen. Graham's S Res 65).

These measures are IMMORAL and I DO NOT CONSENT!

* Current sanctions already cause unjust suffering and poverty among innocent Iranians.
* They assault MY right to trade with anyone I please, already hurting my budget by increasing gasoline prices.
* It's CRIMINAL to let another country decide when we go to war (unconstitutional acts by Congress are, by definition, criminal).

Sadly, HR 850 has 210 co-sponsors in the House, and S Res 65 has 75 sponsors in the Senate. This means that lying and criminality has infected nearly the entire Congress.

You DO NOT have my consent to take these criminal actions in my name.

* You're acting dishonestly.
* You're hurting Americans and Iranians alike.
* You're making the world less stable and more dangerous.

I’m sharing my letter to you with my friends because I want them to know how you lie, and so they can witness that I have made a reasonable appeal for reasonable reform.

I expect you’ll deny my requests, and thus provide additional evidence that you are illegitimate. How long before the people end your train of abuses and erect new, less dangerous forms of government?

I urge you to end your lying and criminality.   


You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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