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December 6, 2013

Tell President Obama to Support Warrants for Email Spying

We're adding our strength to a nationwide effort. The cause?

Reform the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

ECPA says the Feds can access your email and cloud documents without a warrant.

Sign the petition to the White House to demand ECPA reform.

NSA spying has gotten all the attention. But it's not the only outrage.

ECPA lets hundreds of other agencies do the same thing!

The IRS, FBI, DEA, and even local law enforcement can access your stored emails, private social media messages, and cloud documents, without a warrant.

Bills to reform ECPA have gained huge support in recent months from both parties in Congress. But…

A power grab by the Securities and Exchange Commission is now blocking this legislation. They want a special carve-out so regulatory agencies can continue to access your documents without a warrant. This would neuter ECPA reform.

Please remember that the SEC did NOTHING to stop Bernie Madoff, even when they had legally acquired evidence. Shouldn't they first demonstrate more ability to use legal evidence before asking for illegal sources?

That's why we're calling on the White House to break its silence and stand up for ECPA reform.

We need President Obama to tell his employees at the SEC to stop their demands for troubling new powers. Join us by signing this petition to the White House.

Tell your members of Congress you have done this using’s Hands off the Internet Campaign.

You may borrow from or copy these comments…

I signed a White House petition telling the President to support reform of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). I also demand that you use your power to push this cause forward.

ECPA is outdated. It didn't anticipate the online services we use today. It allows hundreds of agencies to read my electronic communications, without a warrant.

You know who else doesn't require warrants before they snoop through my records?

Criminals. So…

Are you going to be a necessary accessory to these crimes? Or will you be my representative?

You can't be both. And you don't have my consent if crime is your choice.


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Jim Babka
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