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March 23, 2012

Thank Ron Paul for Sponsoring “One Subject”

Ron Paul has sponsored the “One Subject at a Time Act” (OSTA). It now has 8 sponsors. Let’s exploit this progress by taking the four simple actions described below.

First . . .

Go to Ron Paul’s Facebook page and thank him for co-sponsoring OSTA.

Second . . .

Post this on your Facebook page: Tell your representatives to sponsor the “One Subject at a Time Act,” like Ron Paul has.  

Third . . .

Copy and paste this Twitter link and retweet it:!/DDCDispatch/status/183160982040875008  

Fourth . . .

Write your friends an email. Ask them to ask their representatives to sponsor OSTA. You can copy and paste the following sample letter to send to your friends . . .

Congressman Ron Paul has joined with seven other members of Congress to sponsor’s “One Subject at a Time Act” (OSTA). I hope you’ll ask your elected representatives to do the same. It’s easy . . .

* I’ll explain what OSTA does and then . . .
* You can use Downsize DC’s super-quick system to send one simple letter that will go to all three of your elected representatives. The letter will ask them to sponsor OSTA.

Most legislation aims to control you. But OSTA will control Congress. It will . . .

* Stop Congressional leaders from ramming through unwanted laws by clustering them with popular but unrelated bills.
* Require each bill to be about one subject ONLY — so each proposal would have to stand or fall entirely on its own merits.
* Give the people expanded influence by making bad legislation more vulnerable to public opposition.
* Make it easier for elected officials to represent their constituents, by allowing them to vote on specific proposals, instead of on groups of bills containing divergent measures.
* Create a de facto “line item veto” by putting only one measure under the President’s pen at any one time.

Do you want Congressional leaders to stop combining unrelated bills? If so, please ask your representatives to sponsor OSTA. You can do so here:


Let’s make the most of Ron Paul’s support. Please do all four of the above actions. Thank you!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.


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