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July 24, 2009

The Amazing Loss that Proves the Concept

Quote of the Day: “A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” — Robert Frost(1874-1963) American poet

Subject: A Defeated Bill Proves the Downsize DC Strategic Concept

The Senate defeated a bill that would have made life easier for those Americans licensed to carry a concealed handgun. But in this defeat one can still see the awesome power that comes from building and deploying a massive army of citizens to pressure Congress.

The defeated bill would have created reciprocity between states that allow citizens to carry concealed firearms. In other words . . .

If State A and State B both allow concealed carry, then someone with a concealed carry permit in State A would not have to learn and abide by the specific concealed-carry regulations of State B when travelling into that state.

You would not have thought, given that the Democrats now control Congress, that such a law could have gotten 58 votes in the Senate, and come within two votes of passage. But it did. In fact . . .

Twenty Democrats voted for the bill, including the Majority Leader Harry Reid.

How did this happen? It happened because national gun rights organizations like the NRA and Gun Owners of America, as well as state level groups, have . . .

* Built huge armies of citizen support,
* Spread their arguments far and wide,
* Changed public opinion and the political environment,
* Applied overwhelming, relentless, resistance-numbing pressure on legislators
* Made the violation of the Second Amendment politically dangerous to every politician in the country

Does that strategy sound familiar?

1. We need an army so large that Congress cannot afford to ignore us.
2. We need an army so big that it can project our message of smaller government and human progress to everyone, everywhere, every day.
3. This will change the political environment. The results will be…

* Opportunistic politicians who will capitalize and thrive by satisfying our base.
* Cynical politicians — those less fond of us — who will nevertheless “adapt” to the new political environment (like many did on this reciprocity amendment)
* Stubborn politicians who won’t adapt, and who will therefore become extinct. 

It sounds simple. It IS simple. It also works. All we have to is DO IT. And we ARE doing it. YOU are doing it.

As you can see from the numbers we’ve been reporting, our growth is accelerating. Now we just need to keep our metaphorical pedal to the metal. The key thing at the moment, with just 7 days left in the month, is to . . .

* Make sure our funding numbers for July beat what we raised in June, so that . . .
* We can launch the media outreach campaign we’re now putting in place, and . . .
* Let every journalist in America know about, and our powerful proposals, like the “Read the Bills Act” and the “One Subject at a Time Act.”

Here’s how we’re doing . . .

* We recruited 19 new pledgers in June. We have 13 so far in July. We need 7 more this week to exceed what we did last month.
* We had 26 one-time donations in June. We have 20 so far in July. We need 7 more this week to exceed what we did last month.

If we always do more than we did before, we’re certain to reach our goal. Downsize DC!

Please help us do this by starting a monthly credit card pledge — it can be as low as $5 a month (which is just 17 cents per day). You can start your pledge using our secure online contribution form.

Please let us know if its okay to advertise your support here:

NEW MONTHLY PLEDGERS IN JULY: Alan Farrar, Emma Flores, Michael S Gerlica, John C Matthews, Cheston E Unnewehr, Val Grayson, Arlene Aquino, Susan Varey, Chris Sengenberger, John DiLiberto, 3 unlisted — 13 total. FROM JUNE: Bryan L Anderson, Janet Rea, Timothy M. Dyer Jr, Kenny Harrill, Ryan Sharif, Katherine Durham, David C. Flathmann, Maggie Culver, Ginny Rober, Dwight E. Baker, David H. Abernathy, John Murphy, Jeremiah J Blanchard, 6 unlisted — 19 total

Or, you could make a one-time donation. Please let us know on our secure contribution form if its okay to advertise your support here:

NEW ONE TIME DONORS IN JULY: Chelsea Moller, Michael Herman, Bonnie Hofer, Anita Binns, Brian O’Neill, Richard E Camp, Travis Walston, Donald Grahn, Sonja Thompson, 11 unlisted — 20 total. FROM JUNE: Bryan L Anderson, Richard S. Tolleson, Bryan Anderson, West Coile, James Sherman, Lawrence Lappin, Malin Williams, Jeffrey Taylor, Jason Pace, Kraig Clark, Autumn Browne, Victoria Pate, Patricia Barnum, Dwight E Baker, Rick Slusher, Dr. R.S. Gillinson, Edward J Krieger, Jan Berridge, 8 unlisted — 26 total

Thank you for being a part of the GROWING Downsize DC Army.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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