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August 11, 2014

There’s Zero Reason for Busybody Bureaucrats to Prohibit Your In-Flight Phone Calls

I told Congress to support Rep. Steve Stockman's and Sen. Rand Paul's Write the Laws Act.


Please do the same. You may borrow from or copy this letter…


Busybody bureaucrats at the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) want to ban cell phone calls on flights. (


They boast they're “protecting the consumer,” because most passengers would be annoyed by such calls.


What nonsense!


Instead, they're imposing a one-size-fits-all mandate that prevents innovation…


* Several airlines won't permit cell calls anyway  

* This ban would prevent others from experimenting with ways to allow calls, such as booths or quiet zones, without distracting other passengers


Shouldn't airlines compete in satisfying their customers? Why should DOT step in?


More importantly…


* The First Amendment PROTECTS MY SPEECH from the State, even if it's on an airplane

* The Constitution authorizes Congress only, NOT bureaucrats, to pass federal regulations


The Write the Laws Act would prevent you from delegating legislative powers to unelected bureaucrats. They don't represent me. YOU are supposed to do that.


So I'm telling you…


Pass the Write the Laws Act!




Send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.


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Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,


Jim Babka

President, Inc.


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