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December 28, 2011

Throwing In the Towel

For three months, we’ve urged people to take advantage of an offer from Bill Haynes, of CMI Gold & Silver.

Bill put up $5,000 as a challenge. For every new monthly pledge, he’d match the first two months of that pledge with double the monthly amount. In other words, pledge $10 per month, he’d give Downsize DC $20.

The goal, obviously, was to raise $2,500, per month, in new monthly pledges — $30,000 per year in gross additional income (before attrition).

And add to that, Bill’s $5,000.

But this has not been the most successful fundraising initiative we’ve ever done. In fact, it’s the first time we’re in serious danger of failing to meet our objective. We’ve always achieved the goal before. As of now, we’ve raised only $1,184.33 in new pledges.

I feel like we’ve got to give this one more push. But chances are we’re going to miss out on more than half of that $35,000. So…

With this message, I’m throwing in the towel.

This will be our last message urging you to take Mr. Haynes’ money. A new year is coming, and it’s time to start looking forward. We’ll do just that in our next Dispatch.

For today, let me say that, pledges can come in any size.

  • We have many $1, $3, and $5 pledgers, for example.
  • The average pledge is about $14 per month.
  • The highest pledger gives $250, and the next two highest give $200 each month.
  • On two occasions, both in the past, we’ve had pledgers give $1,000 or more, every month.

Pledgers provide us with more than a third of our income. They give us stability and the ability to plan ahead — to take entrepreneurial risks and to say yes to projects. We love our pledgers.

If you’re already pledging, THANK YOU. But if you’re not…

Will you please take advantage of Mr. Haynes, and join us right now? is sending this Dispatch, and you are encouraged to support our Educate the Powerful System — keeping you up-to-date and in contact with Congress.

But if tax-deductibility is important to you, then you can direct your donation to our educational group, Downsize DC Foundation. 

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC Foundation
&, Inc.

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