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September 22, 2007

To Impeach or Not Impeach

The Downsize DC Conference Call is a not just a radio show; it’s a national conversation. To impeach or not impeach; that is the question.

If a President can get away with unconstitutional behavior (with “high crimes” and/or “misdemeanors”), what signal does that send to his (or her) successors?

Should THIS President (and/or Vice President) be impeached?

Oh, and here’s a question for you . . .  Should call for this impeachment?

MY Sunday radio show, which airs at 4:06 PM Eastern (3:06 PM Central, 2:06 PM Mountain, 1:06 PM Pacific), is an opportunity for ME to share my PERSONAL feelings about impeachment.

But needs your guidance.

You can share your answer to these questions by email or by calling-in (preference is given to callers).

* The number: 1-800-259-9231

* The email address is “CALL at DOWNSIZEDC dot ORG” (we write it out almost phonetically to avoid spam harvesting; merely hitting reply to this Dispatch message will NOT get your message to the show on time).

It’s on a few stations, but the best way to hear the program is by listening online at the Genesis Communications Network website.

Speaking of listening, not everyone can listen live. Well, sometimes I’m slow about it, but we always post an mp3 archive of the show at the blog. I encourage you to check out some past programs.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Conference Call

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