October 30, 2019

Do you know the true definition of tariff?

The true definition of tariff is…? Do you understand what’s being done to you?

Will you resist trade-war #statesploitation? Retweet

“Tariff” is a statesploitation word meaning “import tax.”

YOU pay this tax so that favored American businesses will supposedly benefit. Don’t be statesploited! Tell Congress to reclaim control over tariffs. Use or edit this letter on our website

I AM LOSING the trade-war, and it’s YOUR FAULT. For instance…

In retaliation for 2018 tariff increases, China raised tariffs on U.S. lobsters while reducing them on Canadian lobsters. That means Chinese consumers are enjoying LOWER prices on lobsters even though American lobster exports to China fell 70%. That’s losing, not winning. It gets worse…

Overall American exports have decreased, while Chinese exports have still increased – the exact opposite of what President Trump claimed his policies would achieve.

Please realize that other countries don’t depend on the American market as much as they used to. They can now trade with each other. Only we Americans suffer.

The unilateral, executive-branch implementation of these tariffs is unconstitutional. The true definition of tariff is an import tax on me. Only Congress can impose a tax. But you and your colleagues have abdicated your job of representation.

Don’t let America fall behind. Stop making Americans POORER with your tariffs!

Send your letter…

Stop the Trade War

Here at month’s end, we have the tiniest of budget needs — just…

You can really make a difference this month!

If you cannot give today, please help by Sharing this message with someone who is likely to Agree.

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC

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