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July 29, 2011

Urgent Deadline

We’ve been very aggressive pushing the following point…

The House Republicans can balance the budget immediately, simply by refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

Our recent actions include…

  • News releases sent to more than 800 mainstream media outlets and 5,000 websites, resulting in 10 stories about our effort
  • Ads purchased at, the American Conservative Magazine, and (coming soon) The Daily Paul.
  • 21,041 letters to Congress

This progress was funded by a specific targeted donation from a Nevada donor. We believe this effort is having an impact. For instance, two other national organizations have adopted our position, and one other appears to have moved in our direction. This shift is important. Each organization that comes your way, increases your power with Congress.

We’re also busy working on new software to make you more powerful, including…

  • Getting rid of our registration process so it will be easier for people to join Downsize DC
  • A way to make our Educate the Powerful system available to any website that wants to feature it — especially YOUR website or blog!

And speaking of new tools, we have several you can use for the Cap the Debt campaign, including the new web ads we just mentioned. They’re available here.

But we’re about to have to curtail our efforts due to a lack of funding. We need another $2,818 to pay our bills for July. Sunday is our deadline, and today is the final time we can ask. If we fail, then Monday morning, we’ll have to start cutting. The burden of these cuts will fall on the new software we’re creating for you. We’ll probably need at least one person with a $1,000 gift to reach the goal, and maybe a couple of $500 donations too. $100s and $50s also add up.

Please allow us to continue moving forward. You can contribute here.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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