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May 8, 2014

URGENT: Do You Want “compromise” on the Fourth Amendment?

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Thanks to Edward Snowden, Congress was compelled to pretend that they cared about your privacy.


The most popular reform bill has been the USA Freedom Act. It was an improvement, but too modest for our taste.


Now, it's being watered-down!


All along, we've supported the Surveillance State Repeal Act (HR 2818), instead. You'll see why, in the letter below.


We urge you to send a letter, like the this, to your Representative RIGHT NOW, because Congress is (right now) amending the USA Freedom Act, and will vote on final passage, very soon.


I’m disappointed with Congress. This time, it's because you're watering-down the USA Freedom Act with vague language.


I insist you make sure the bill will CLEARLY…


* prohibit bulk collection of our data

* require court approval of surveillance

* require transparency and accountability in investigations


Better yet, you should pass HR 2818. Instead of “reforming” the Surveillance State, it REPEALS the Patriot Act and FISA Amendments Act of 2008. These are the acts from which the NSA justifies its abusive authority.


You swore an oath to support the Constitution, including the Fourth Amendment. And you’re supposed to represent me. So I’m telling you…


Don’t let federal agents spy on me. Pass the Surveillance State Repeal Act!




Time is short. The Snowden lesson may be lost, if Congress can pretend they've addressed the problem. Amendments are being made right now. The vote is coming very soon. So…


1. Send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.


2. Please, share this message with friends who share your opinion. Encourage them join you in sending a message to Congress.


James Wilson

Policy Research Director, Inc.




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