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April 25, 2013

URGENT: Internet tax may pass tomorrow

Quote of the Day: “Will the highways on the Internet become more few?” – George W. Bush

That silly-sounding remark, made years ago, has become a valid question.

TOMORROW the Senate considers the Marketplace Fairness Act. Internet retailers, based in one state, will have to pay sales tax to others. Countless businesses will shutter. Others will be stillborn. YOU will have to pay more for the products you buy.

Do you believe you and your neighbors are insufficiently taxed?

If not, tell Congress to DEFEAT this monstrous bill using’s “Hands Off the Internet” campaign.

The hardwired message says…

“As a constituent, I insist that you oppose any attempts to undermine Internet freedom.”

You may borrow from or copy these additional comments…

That’s why you should oppose S.743 and HR 684, the grossly misnamed “Marketplace Fairness Act.” It forces Internet retailers to charge sales taxes on their out-of-state customers.

Here are ten reasons to oppose it.

1. Internet retailers will have to know the tax laws of 10,000 state, county, and municipal “governments.” Just a tiny degree of empathy, from you, should be enough to secure your opposition to this bill, all by itself! However…

2. It also subjects retailers to audits from ANY of them. (

3. Messy compliance costs will be passed to consumers.

4. Compliance costs will also close many smaller retailers.

5. Many other enterprises will be stillborn — you’ll never know what you lost.

6. State  “governments” that currently have NO sales taxes may enact them to participate in the looting.

7. States will also have an incentive to increase their sales taxes. If one state is making retailers pay 10%, why shouldn’t the others?

8. This new tax will bailout free-spending, mismanaged states, relieving them from the need for fiscal discipline.

9. This is a “middle-class tax increase,” something both parties allegedly oppose.

10. Most importantly, TAXATION is theft. If the services offered by “governments” are so wonderful, so efficient, and so free of corruption and cost-overruns, then why do you need men with guns to force people to pay for them? The truth is that you’re forcing people to pay for things they don’t want.

In short, the Marketplace Fairness Act is immoral. I deny my consent to this immortality, and I expect you to protect me by voting NO. But . . .

If you prefer to endorse this criminality by voting YES, please be aware that this will undermine your legitimacy. I have already decided that most of what you do is criminal and illegitimate. Passing this bill will be one more piece of evidence I can use to move others towards my position. It will move us one step closer to Jefferson’s remedy — to peacefully dissolve your criminal gang and institute new governments that serve, rather than dominate.


You can send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.

When you are logged in, you’ll see links to your Senator’s information including phone numbers. We encourage you to call them as well because we’re at the final hour. Phone calls, at this stage, are more powerful.

Thank you for Denying Consent!

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