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May 28, 2015

URGENT! On Monday, will they be spying on you?

Section 215 of the Patriot Act authorized warrantless spying on Americans.
On Monday, however, it will NO LONGER BE IN FORCE.
That's why the Senate will meet on Sunday to consider passing…

  • a bill to renew Section 215, or…
  • the USA Freedom Act, which renews Section 215 with some reforms, or…
  • a compromise bill    

But the House, which has already passed USA Freedom, won't return until MONDAY. Meaning…
Either the Senate passes the USA Freedom Act WITHOUT AMENDMENTS, and Obama signs it into law by midnight Sunday, or…
Section 215 EXPIRES!
If that happens…
On Monday morning, a major part of the NSA's warrantless spying on you will be dead.
And they won't be able to “reform” 215 because…
You can't reform what no longer exists!
Instead, they'd have to start from scratch, and try to pass NEW laws that violate your right to be secure in your person, houses, papers, and effects.
Politically, that's WAY more difficult than merely renewing or amending existing laws.
That's why I just told Congress to let Section 215 die. I did this using's Repeal the Patriot Act campaign.
Please do so as well. The hardwired message says simply…

I want the Patriot Act repealed.

You may copy or edit these additional comments…

I ESPECIALLY demand that you let Section 215 die. Don't reform it. Don't revive it.

There's NO evidence Section 215 helped prevent any terrorist plot. The FBI's own Inspector General says so:
That means…
We lost liberty in exchange for NO greater security!
When 215 dies, the FBI and NSA will have NO power to…
* Obtain my emails, medical records, library history, and gun purchase records without a search warrant, based on probable cause   
* Issue “gag orders” preventing institutions and businesses from telling employees or customers that they're being investigated  
The 2nd District Court of Appeals ruling that bulk collection under Section 215 is illegal will NEVER be overturned!
If Section 215 is dead, the USA Freedom Act won't “reform” it. It will only REVIVE it.
And I DO NOT CONSENT to that!
Instead, I demand you…
* Let Section 215 die
* Do NOT pass the USA Freedom Act or any compromise bill
* Repeal ALL of the Patriot Act!
I'll be watching your actions closely.

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Thank you!
Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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