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September 20, 2012

URGENT: Will you prevent warrantless spying?

Here’s your chance to . . .

  • Influence another Supreme Court case and prevent warrantless spying, plus . . .
  • Get your name on the Founders Committee for our new Zero Aggression Project, or . . .
  • Move your name higher on that roster if you’re already a Founder.

The case is “Clapper vs. Amnesty International.”

It’s similar to the Hedges case. That’s the one where we helped gain an injunction against the legalized kidnapping provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act.

But this case involves FISA — the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. That’s the “law” that allows warrantless spying on American citizens.

Journalists working for Amnesty International believe they’re being spied on by federal agents.

But get this . . .

A federal district court has ruled that the plaintiffs lack standing to challenge the law. Why?

Because they can’t prove they’re being spied upon. And why is that?

Because the spying is secret. It’s illegal for anyone but the spies themselves to know who is being targeted.

The logic is perfectly circular!

That means the law can never be challenged! So the whole idea of checks and balances disappears!

We want to stop this criminality. And . . .

We might even be able to duplicate our victory in the Jones case.

Remember, that’s the case where our argument influence a ruling that restored the PROPERTY RIGHT persons have in their communications.

We want to make a similar argument in this case, building on the Jones ruling.

And — as usual — we’re the only ones likely to make such an argument. But there’s a problem . .  .

We have a small staff pursuing many projects. We only just noticed this case, and we need to act on it TODAY! Can you help us file a brief in this case?

We need $3,000 today. But there’s good news. Your contribution today will both fund the brief and also . . .

  • Make you a Founder of the new website we’re building, the Zero Aggression Project, designed to push a moral argument against state criminality. Or . . .
  • If you’re already Founder, contributing to fund this legal brief will move your name higher on the Founders’ roster.

To support the legal brief and become a ZAP Co-Founder  (or raise your ranking on the roster) . . .

Contribute $100 or more, or start a monthly pledge of $10 or more using the secure form at the Downsize DC Foundation.

Or, to support the brief and become an Associate Founder of ZAP . . .

Contribute $10 or more, or start a monthly pledge for $1 or more, using the same secure form at the Downsize DC Foundation.

I hope we get to do this brief. These briefs open up important avenues where we can make our moral case against statism. And this one has a chance to cause real change.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation

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