November 8, 2017

Is Veterans Day harmful to soldiers?

November 8ths…

How might you prevent this harm in future years?

Veterans Day will be observed Friday. It’s always a difficult day for me, because…

I want a future where far fewer soldiers suffer and die. 

But the words spoken on Veterans Day seem designed to cause the opposite result. Some version of the following phrase will be uttered millions of times this Friday…

“They fought and died to preserve our freedom.”

I’m sure most modern vets wanted to serve those goals, but the politicians had other ideas. History has shown that politicians almost always use soldiers in bad ways.

Our failure to be honest about this can only lead to more useless wars, more maimed soldiers, and more squandered lives. So these question must be asked…

Can we be honest about history? Can we learn from it? Or do we prefer sweet sounding lies?

We cannot answer these questions until the truth is actually spoken, heard, and understood. I’ve tried to do my part by writing a series of articles reviewing the history of U.S. wars. We share the 6th article in that series today…

Blame Woodrow Wilson for radical Islam too

I hope you’ll take the time to read it before Friday. Earlier articles in this series include…

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