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April 15, 2009

Voluntary cooperation vs. violence

Quote of the Day: “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.” — Mao Tse Tung

Subject: Voluntary cooperation vs. violence

If not for the threat of government violence — of arrest, incarceration, and the loss of all your property — how would you choose to spend your money. Would you rather . . .

  • Give money to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or Habitat for Humanity?
  • Contribute to government foreign aid projects, or Doctors Without Borders?
  • Rely on the FDA for safe food and drugs, or the Underwriter’s Laboratory?
  • Deliver your mail through the post office, or Fed Ex and UPS?
  • Contribute money directly to research clinics, or filter it through the National Institutes of Health?
  • Receive treatment in a V.A. Hospital, or a private one?
  • Give 15% of your income to Social Security, or use that money to buy annuities from a diverse portfolio of insurance companies?
  • Continue paying taxes to a ponzi-scheme Medicare program that must eventually cut benefits and ration your health care, or pile-up those funds in a tax-free, interest bearing Health Savings Account?
  • Contribute money to local charities to change and improve the lives of the poor, or to a food stamp program that merely maintains people in their poverty?

Imagine the choices you would have if the politicians didn’t use the threat of violent arrest, incarceration, and the loss of all your property, to make you fund their preferred choices?

No corporation or charity ever threatens you with violence if you don’t buy their product, or contribute to their cause. Only “The Violent Entity,” The State, or what we inaccurately call “government,” does that. And it is only by colluding with politicians that corporations and other special interests gain the power to pick your pocket.

The State only performs the functions of a government when it protects us from violence, through courts, police, and a tightly controlled military that does not initiate violence against other countries and peoples.

But . . .

When The State uses violence against us, rather than protecting us from it, it ceases to be a government, and instead becomes a criminal gang.

That is where we are today. We do not have a government. We have a violent criminal gang.

Today is the day you must tell the criminal gang how much you earn, so they can steal their preferred amount. You do not have a choice. Do not file your taxes and you will eventually be subjected to violence. You will lose your freedom, and everything you own.

The criminal gang likes to claim that it has your consent for this. Does it?

If you would prefer to choose, rather than be robbed, send Congress a message withdrawing your consent, and asking them to cut both your taxes and their spending. If you’ve used our Educate the Powerful System before, do the following . . .

  • Go to our home page
  • Log-in using the log-in button at the right of the navigation bar near the top of the page
  • Scroll down and click on the link for campaign number 23. Tell Congress to Cut Federal Taxes
  • Scroll down to the form at the bottom of the page and send your message

If you’re sending your very FIRST message to Congress using our system, click on this link, scroll down to the form, fill it out, and send your message.

You can use your personal comments to list choices you would rather be able to make for yourself, such as the Habitat for Humanity vs. H.U.D., or whatever moves you.

Forward this message to your friends and ask them to join Downsize DC by sending their own message to Congress.

Thanks for being part of the growing Downsize DC Army. We’ve blown past 24,800 members, and we’re on our way to 24,900.

Perry Willis
Communications Director, Inc.

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