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July 25, 2011

We Got a Big Donation to Promote House Inaction

Quote of the Day: “Don’t just do something. Stand there.” — Anonymous

A generous DC Downsizer from Nevada has made a large donation, TARGETED at promoting the following argument…

* Cutting the budget and the deficit will only get harder
* NOW is the easiest time to balance the budget, before the unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare become painfully severe
* The House Republicans can balance the budget, right now, with ZERO cooperation from the Democrats, the President, or the Senate
* The House Republican dominant majority can do this simply by refusing to raise the debt ceiling

If the House Republican majority simply does NOTHING, then there is NOTHING that the Democrats, or the Senate, or the President can do about it. The House Republicans have complete control over this situation, if only they will use the power they have.

It really is that simple. We are (to our knowledge) the only national, activist organization taking this stand (joined by some local activists and media figures). We’ve been bold.

* Some have already taken notice  

* We’ve started a necessary debate among sincere people 

And by the end of last week, one other national, activist organization appeared to have stopped plugging “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” Can we convince others to join our strategy, and thereby turn the tide?

The big donation we got from one DC Downsizer is a good start. The Nevada donor was so eager for us to get moving that he wired us the funds. We too are chomping at the bit. We’re taking the following actions immediately…

* Buying ads
* Sending out press releases
* Sending out blog releases
* And booking interviews

Can you please help pour fuel on this fire by making a contribution of your own?

Should you be worried that the House Republicans will sell out in the coming week, before we can gain much traction? First, keep your spirits up. The debt ceiling has been raised more than 70 times, usually without even a whimper. The debate has never been as intense as it is now, nor the opportunity so great; to even be at this point is progress.

But even if there is a sell-out or so-called “compromise,” the debt ceiling is going to be a permanent issue of profound importance. The sell-out will only guarantee that this issue WILL come up again. That’s why we have promoted our “Cap the Debt” campaign to our Downsize DC Agenda page, alongside ideas like the “Read the Bills Act” and the “One Subject at a Time Act.”

“Cap the debt” is a powerful lever you can use to Downsize DC right now, and in the future. Use it.

Please help us promote this idea by making a contribution right now.

And become a fan of our special Facebook page, “Cap the Debt.”

Thank you!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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