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July 17, 2009

We were overwhelmed yesterday

MEDIA ALERT: Downsize DC President Jim Babka will be on two national radio shows, one today (Friday), and one Sunday night. See the post script for details.

Quote of the Day: “At the end of the day, we’ll have significant cost controls,” — presidential adviser David Axelrod

Subject: We were overwhelmed yesterday

When we tell DC Downsizers something is urgent, you folks really respond! Our site was overwhelmed yesterday. For a few hours many Downsizers found it almost impossible to load the site to send a letter to Congress. Others hit a brick wall trying to log in. Even so, a lot of letters were sent, and we’re now back on track to reach our “letters to Congress” goal for the month.

We scrambled yesterday to fix the problem that was causing the site to time-out for many people. We think we’ve fixed it. As a potentially happy side effect the site may now also load faster overall. But we’d like to give our fixes a good test today.

Could those of you who tried but failed to send a message on the health care issue try again today?

There’s a new development you could reference in your personal comments . . .

The politicians keep telling us we spend too much on health care. They’re right to the extent that government programs make health care cost more than it otherwise would. But the politicians also tell us their interventions will reduce spending on health care. The Congressional Budget Office disagrees . . .

The latest CBO report says that the existing plans for government intervention will make health care COST MORE.

Presidential adviser David Axelrod has admitted what this will mean — cost controls and price setting dictated by federal bureaucrats.

Please use’s health care campaign to tell your Congressional employees to oppose increased government involvement in health care, and promote free market reforms instead.

You can use your personal comments to mention the latest CBO report.

If you send a health care message yesterday, please send a message today opposing the REAL ID Act, and its proposed replacement, the PASS Act.

Use’s REAL ID campaign to send your message.

Use your personal comments to tell your Congressional employees to NOT pass the PASS Act. You might want to tell them you don’t want these national ID schemes to be used to ration your health care.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. Jim Babka is scheduled to make his normal Friday afternoon appearance on Straight Talk w/ Jerry Hughes on the Accent Radio Network. Details are available in this blog post.

P.P.S. Jim Babka will also appear on the show “Live and Let Live” on Sunday night, July 19, for one hour starting at 10 PM Eastern (9 PM Central). You can listen to the show at or on affiliate stations.

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