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December 5, 2008

We’re closing the gap fast!

Subject: We’re closing the gap fast!

A group of DC Downsizers wants to give us $63,301. They aim to . . .

  • Cover all of our operating expenses for ALL of 2009
  • Free us to grow the Downsize DC Army at a much more rapid rate

To collect this $63,301 from these top-down donors we need to raise a matching $19,531 in new monthly pledges from bottom-up donors. That’s it. Therefore . . .

If you started a monthly pledge of 16 cents a day, that would equal $5 a month, or $60 for the year, plus your contribution would secure $193 from the top-down donors.

  • 32 cents a day would be $10 a month (or $120 per year), then matched with $387
  • 64 cents a day would be $20 a month (or $240 per year), then matched with $774

You can see how this works. The top-down donors pledge big amounts, while the bottom-up donors start smaller monthly pledges to match the big donations. The two meet in the middle to close our funding gap for 2009 and SET US FREE to do bigger and better things faster.

We’re closing the gap fast!

To learn how you can . . .

  • Make a top-down pledge
  • Start a smaller, bottom-up monthly pledge that will unleash the top-down pledges
  • Get an “I Am Not Afraid” t-shirt and more

Go to our secure Close the Gap page.

Thank you for supporting our growth!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. I’m scheduled to appear on the Jerry Hughes show today. Details can be found on our blog.

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