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August 31, 2011

What Republican Would Say Such Things?

Quote of the Day: “Opposing the status quo generates a cloak of media invisibility regardless of party or ideology.” – Steve Dasbach, co-founder,

Lately, we’ve gotten a lot of messages accusing us of being mean-spirited Republicans. Let me be blunt in response . . .

We don’t like political parties. We believe that partisanship…

And we believe our job is to afflict the comfortable leadership of both parties – to speak truth to whichever POWER needs to hear it.

Of course, those criticizing us might be suggesting we have some sympathies with the GOP. Well, I ask you…

What leading Republicans do you know who would post ALL of the following new ACTION ITEMS on their blog? Frankly, the GOP is part of the problem in every one of these instances…

1. Now Playing At Security Theater: The Sting

Did you know that most terrorist plots are concocted by the FBI? Want to see the proof, and then do something about it?


2. I rage against cuts that don’t cut

The Republican-controlled House and Democrat-run Senate haven’t really “cut” anything. One party is lying about false accomplishments, while the other is hysterical about something that doesn’t even exist. Do you want real cuts?


3. Statism means always having to pay other people’s bills

Did the politicians steal $103 million from you so that other people could get broadband cable? Tell them to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul, and robbing you to pay both of them!


4. Patriot Act Deployed Against Wikileaks

Even we know this is a HERESY! You might disagree. The State hates those who expose wrongdoing, and seeks to silence, even punish them. But what Republican leader would say this? Heck, what Democrat leader is defending the free press in this instance? We think the politicians need to hear from you about this. We hope you agree.


And, to the people who’ve written us, or thought of writing us, saying we’re in the Koch brother’s pockets…

  • Downsize DC has never solicited Koch help
  • The brothers have never given Downsize DC a dime
  • And, borrowing from the list above, you’ve suspended deep thought, lack imagination, and bear a closed mind

We’re doing what we’ve done from day one: We’re turning to everyday people like you who will stand with us because we’ll speak the hard truth, even when it’s inconvenient.

Taking a stand for the right thing is not easy, and our ability to keep doing it requires your help. The truth is, the stands we take often cost us support. So please help us finish off this month with your financial endorsement.

Oh, and if the Koch brothers want to send us a check, we’ll gladly cash it and keep doing the work we’re doing — just more of it.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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