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February 22, 2012

What Will Our “One Subject” Success Make Possible?

MEDIA NOTE: Jim Babka guest hosts a radio show, TODAY. The topic is Iran. See P.S. for details.

Our goal is modest — $1 per Dispatch subscriber per month. That would equal more than $31,000 this month

But after 21 days of effort we’ve raised just a little over $6,000, and we project only $11,300 after we process our monthly pledges. Yet we’ve recently delivered . . .

  • Six Congressional sponsors for the “One Subject at a Time Act.”
  • 13 issues of the Downsizer Dispatch
  • Two new campaigns aimed at Congress
  • More than 18,000 letters to Congress
  • Two national press releases
  • Multiple radio interviews
  • Real progress on NEW software tools you’ll soon be able to use
  • Plus, on the Foundation side, a major victory in the Supreme Court that was based on our unique brief. The result is a landmark, precedent-changing decision.

And we’ve done all of this on less income than many organizations spend on rent. Now . . .

We know where “the gas” is going currently. Someone is making a big splash in electoral politics. We think that’s great. We’re thrilled by it. In fact, more than one member of our team is supporting that effort, including me. But this also means that Downsize DC faces increased financial pressure. We’ve tried to deal with this seasonal problem by getting good at doing a lot with a little. We think we’ve succeeded. In fact . . .

We’ve learned how to make progress with contributions as small as $1 per month.

But there’s also a vital strategic reason for learning to be this efficient . . .

  • The Leviathan State grows like a cancer because those who get tax-funded favors have a strong incentive to protect what they receive. 
  • But the costs are spread among all taxpayers so that no one has an incentive to fight any particular hand-out.

To counter these perverse incentives we must find ways to lower the cost YOU pay to resist The State’s criminal activities. 

Everything we do is based on this insight. We solicit small contributions because it’s part of our strategy to reduce the price of resistance. We also hope that this lowering of costs can eventually help us to build a larger movement. Think of us as the Wal-Mart of social change. We specialize in everyday low prices. But, for this to work . . .

We must actually receive the small amounts we request from a fairly large number of people.

This hasn’t happened so far, in spite of our obvious good work and success.

Now, because we’re so far from our goal this month we’ll need more than just a lot of $1, $2, and $3 MONTHLY pledges. Yes, small monthly pledges are still vital. March and April are coming, and we care about making the goal in those months too, and the months that follow. Monthly pledges always matter.

But we also need larger one-time donations to make up for all the people who won’t respond today. In fact, a $5,000 donor would make a real significant difference right now, as would other contributions of ANY amount. 

For those who haven’t invested in this insightful plan so far this year, consider the following . . .

Review the list at the beginning of this article. What will these successes make possible in the future?

And what does Downsize DC’s success deserve today? 

The contribution form is here.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.
& Downsize DC Foundation

P.S. I’m guest hosting a talk-radio show tomorrow (Wednesday). The show is Straight Talk w/Jerry Hughes, heard on the Accent Radio Network.

My guest is Robert Naiman. He’s the President of the Board for Truthout and the Policy Director for Just Foreign Policy.

In his capacity at Just Foreign Policy he’s been monitoring the media for errors in reporting on the Iranian situation. We’ll get you the Truth About Iran and describe Mr. Naiman’s tactics. You’ll benefit from learning about both.

You can listen live at 2:07 PM Eastern (1:07 PM Central, 12:07 PM Mountain, and 11:07 PM Pacific).

To hear the show on the web, or to find a local station, visit the network’s website.

Affiliates can be found in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Oregon.

AND NOW THERE’S A NEW WAY TO LISTEN! On your phone! Toll free at 1-386-524-0333.

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