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November 20, 2014

Who Are McConnell and Rubio Afraid Of?

NSA reform is dead, for now, thanks to fearmongering. That’s why I told Congress that “I Am Not Afraid” using's campaign.


Please do the same. You may borrow from or copy this letter…


Seventeen months after Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s warrantless surveillance, Senate Republicans STILL stopped even the mild reforms of the USA FREEDOM Act.


Their reasons were pathetic — even ironic…


* Mitch McConnell opposed “tying our hands” in gathering intelligence on ISIS.  

* Marco Rubio also cited the ISIS “threat” and called NSA reform a reaction to “alarmism.”




The NSA ADMITS it underestimated the rise of ISIS. ( Perhaps because it was too busy spying on Americans?




Top U.S. officials AGREE there's no credible evidence of ISIS plans to attack America. How could it? It's too busy fighting three armies in two countries.


The REAL “alarmist” is Rubio!


I DO NOT CONSENT to the constant fear mongering from Congress since 9/11. A TRUE government ( would…


* Stop exaggerating threats

* End non-defensive wars

* Abolish the Surveillance State






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Jim Babka

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