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May 6, 2016

Why today’s super-easy action will lead to new progress

Yesterday, we told you

  • Current OSTA co-sponsors came from either a constituent’s request or a Congressional colleague’s recommendation
  • Getting more co-sponsors will come from those same two methods
  • We have a step-by-step strategy for passing the “One Subject at a Time Act”
  • Passing OSTA will remove a big barrier to enacting the “Read the Bills Act”

We’re asking you to commit to two things…

  1. Open our daily email messages
  2. Do the simple action item contained in that message (if you possibly can)

Here’s today’s super easy action item…

If you already have a Twitter account, do nothing. You’re good to go for what comes next. But if you don’t have a Twitter account, please start one. Here’s why…

We’re going to use Twitter to do two things…

  • Bombard our existing co-sponsors with praise and thank yous
  • Ask them to ask their Congressional friends to become co-sponsors too
  • You cannot do this with our existing ETP, because it’s for contacting your Reps — we literally need to bombard any Rep with concentrated effort

Is there any reason you might NOT want to have a Twitter account?

  • Perhaps you think it will take too much time. If so, only use the account to do our action items.
  • Maybe you believe it will violate your privacy. If so, work from a different email address and choose a colorful “handle” instead of your name.
  • But please, don’t dismiss the power of what we can do here with this free tool.

Once you create your account, do the following for your first tweet…

@DownsizeDC I’ve got my Twitter account. I’m ready to help pass the One Subject at a Time Act.

If you do that, WE will SEE your Tweet.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Downsize DC

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