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July 14, 2011

You Can Now Communicate With Other DC Downsizers

Yesterday we showed you the latest version of the Downsize DC Toolbox, including a new map of your state’s Congressional districts, with your own district highlighted. Today we’re going to tell you about the most important new addition to the Toolbox — personal messaging.

You can now talk to other DC Downsizers in your district, your state, and around the country. All you have to do to gain access to this new tool is set a recruitment goal for your Congressional district.

I set a recruitment goal of 1,000 DC Downsizers in my Congressional District.

That’s the number I think I’ll need in my district to begin having demonstrable influence with my Representative. There are 209 Downsizers in my district, so I’m already 20% of the way to my goal. That’s exciting! In addition…

Of these 209 people, 4 others have set goals too. I’ve wanted to talk to these other DC Downsizers, to discuss their goals with them, and to brainstorm ways that we might work together.

But I haven’t been able to do that… 

Until now! Here’s how that is now possible…

If you go to and log in, “Your Downsize DC Toolbox” will appear.

[If you’re not registered to send letters to Congress through our system, then please do so using the log-in registration button on the right end of the masthead banner. Then you’ll see the Toolbox appear in the right hand column of the home page.]

Go down to the “Goals” sections and click on the “Recruitment Goals” link. If you’ve already set a goal all sorts of interesting information will appear. You’ll…

* see the number of DC Downsizers in your local district, as well as nationwide and statewide.
* get detailed analysis of how other local DC Downsizers are setting their goals. And…

At the very bottom of the page you’ll see a list of the other people in your district who have set recruitment goals (their goals are in parentheses). Hover your mouse arrow over one of the names, and a bubble will appear that says “Send a message.”

* Click on that name
* A composition screen will materialize
* You can use this screen to write a message to that DC Downsizer

You could, for instance… 

* ask this person his or her reasons for setting the goal he or she did
* share your rationale for the goal you set
* discuss potential outreach projects, like Town Hall meetings, Tea Party gatherings, setting up info booths in local flea markets, etc.

But you aren’t restricted to communicating only with people in your district!

* In the “Goals” section, select any district in the country
* Then hit the “Get goal information” button
* You’ll see all of the stats for that district, as well as a list of goal-setters you can communicate with in that district

In addition, please notice when you’re looking at the goals section for your district, that your name is one of those in the list of goal setters. If you would prefer to use a screen name, please go to the Your Information section at the bottom of the Toolbox and click on the “Visibility” link. You can create a screen name there, and decide whether or not to also show your zip code and personal email address.

By combining our proprietary Educate the Powerful System with these new features in Your Downsize DC Toolbox, we’ve just made you a more powerful activist!

Now, I ask you, shouldn’t every person who agrees with you be using these tools?

Sadly, not enough people ARE using them. So…

First, could you share these great tools with others? Please begin to think about how you’ll expand the number of DC Downsizers in your district.  

Second, let’s not be satisfied. Our team wants to do more to empower you and the Downsize DC Army. But doing more costs more.

Please start a monthly pledge, or make a one-time contribution.

Perry Willis
Vice President, Inc.

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