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December 30, 2011

Your New Year’s Resolution

Quote of the Day: “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.” – Frédéric Bastiat

At Downsize DC we’ve started capitalizing The State. 

We believe The State is like a cancer. It is the greatest source of misery on our planet. No artificial force, no disease, does as much harm.

And yet, the ideology that rules our media and dominates our culture is statism. This deadly philosophy believes, quite literally, that initiating coercion is virtue, when that coercive force is done for the right cause. For the statists behind the teleprompters, the only acceptable form of political debate is defining the right cause, because, left or right, The State is always their ideal solution.

At Downsize DC we are sick and tired of this phony choice. We are NOT interested in a debate where, regardless of who wins, human freedom and choice will be dampened, if not crushed.

There is another way!

You exist. Your neighbor exists. Both of you are naturally endowed with rights. Each of you has the right to pursue happiness. And remarkably, when you are free to find your bliss . . .

  • Society progresses
  • The needy benefit
  • The arts advance
  • Technological progress is enhanced

. . . you lift the tide for all ships!    

No system demands more virtue, no program requires more accountability . . .

. . . than a system that emphasizes human liberty!

Statism is an evil system which needs to mask itself in morality-plays, phony compassion, and haughty altruism in order to maintain its pilfering powers. Strip the Statist of those stolen vestments, and the resulting shame shrinks his or her power.

Would you like to see that happen? Well . . .

It’s not enough to say all that. It’s important to build the intellectual ammunition needed to support this view — to fashion the rhetoric to make it persuasive. But it’s even more crucial to turn it into action and move the culture. So . . . 

Downsize DC has a New Year’s Resolution! We’re about to present major new plans for a significant new year, because . . .  

  • our strategic focus has evolved.
  • we’ll add new tactics which reflect these new priorities.

Strategically, the time is right for you and me to make a more intellectually consistent and morally powerful case in opposition to Big Government. Armed with these insights, you will . . .

  • seem wiser, every time you make this case.
  • be more persuasive than ever — people will be moved.

We’ve just begun experimenting with this approach, and we’ve been amazed at the results! Would you like to know more?

Because that’s not all . . . 

We also believe that with the right tools . . . 

  • you can have greater personal influence
  • we can accelerate the growth and power of the Downsize DC Army.

But tools cost money, and the New Year is almost upon us. In fact . . .

If you’re looking to make a tax-deductible contribution to our educational project, Downsize DC Foundation, you’re almost out of time. Donations must be received by midnight, December 31 if made electronically, or postmarked by December 31 if mailed.

As for, the publisher and primary correspondent of this Downsizer-Dispatch newsletter . . .
We grew the army each of the last two years. But frankly, we didn’t grow very much. We’re not satisfied.

We want to accomplish so much more. We want to do it for the cause and for you! And we need YOUR help to do more and to do better than that. 

I believe that the plans we’re about to roll out can take us farther, faster than ever. But this can happen if we inspire enthusiasm — represented by an increased budget.

  • We’re limited by our income. But . . . 
  • Our opportunities are found in growing our revenue. 

Your investment in, before year’s end, will start the work and bring to pass these exciting plans.  

Downsize DC Foundation finished the year strong and is building for next year. But support for, Inc. has slowed, significantly, during November and December. Your support is needed to launch the Downsize DC Army into the New Year. Please add your generous support, now

Happy New Year,

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC Foundation
&, Inc.   

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