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April 7, 2016

$15 or compassion for youth and minorities?

Minimum wage: Do results matter, or only intentions? Retweet

If you care about results, then please take action to oppose the minimum wage law. Your action is urgently needed…

Many people are pushing hard to raise the minimum wage to $15. This is having a catastrophic impact on the young and poor in the states and localities that have adopted it. We need to strangle this concept in its crib, because as Harry Browne would’ve observed…

This is Rosemary’s Baby!

We have a campaign to oppose the minimum wage law. The hardwired letter to Congress for that campaign reads…

Repeal the minimum wage law.

You can copy the letter I sent or edit it to add your personal comments to Congress…

The mandated minimum wage is a job killer for low-skilled and unskilled workers.

Places like Seattle and Los Angeles are already starting to see that hiking the minimum wage kicks these workers in the teeth — and to the curb.

Politicians, who ram through higher minimum wages, claim credit for giving workers a nice raise. Meanwhile those who lose hours or their jobs, or are never hired in the first place, become conveniently invisible.

Current election-year agitation to raise the federal minimum wage shows a callous indifference to people who need one thing above all — a job.

The real way to help these people is to repeal minimum wage entirely.

The minimum wage:

* Tells anyone whose current value in the job market is less than some arbitrary government figure, “Tough. Go on unemployment or welfare, or go sell drugs. We don’t care.”

* Brings the axe down on youth entering the job market and on minorities who’ve been failed by shoddy, state schools. The minimum wage has been even been dubbed “The Minority Youth Unemployment Act.”

* Cuts off the first rung of the ladder for people who need to learn on-the-job skills. Then, they can earn more as their productivity and value to an employer increase.

* Violates freedom of contract by forcibly preventing two people from voluntarily making an employment agreement. Is this really anyone else’s business?

Let’s stop kicking low-skilled workers to the curb! Do NOT raise the minimum wage. Instead, have compassion and repeal it.


Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Downsize DC

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