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April 8, 2016

Are your “representatives” protecting terrorist networks responsible for 9/11?

Did our “allies” aid and abet the 9/11 attacks? #28pages Retweet

Do you really want to strike back at terrorists? Then help pass Rand Paul’s S.1471. This one-page bill will declassify key parts of Congress’s 9-11 investigation, including 28 pages that relate to Saudi Arabia. This matters because…

How can we reduce terrorism if we’re allied to a key terrorist sponsor?

Passing S.1471 could change history — literally. We need you to ASK your House Rep to seek permission from the House Intelligence Committee to read the 28-pages, and your two Senators to do likewise.

We have an Educate the Powerful campaign you can use for this purpose. The hardwired letter to Congress reads…

I want my two Senators to co-sponsor S.1471. I want my representative to introduce the same, one-page bill in the House.

You can copy or edit the following sample letter to create your personal comments to Congress…

S.1471 would declassify 28-pages from the report on Congress’s 9-11 investigation. Members of Congress who have read these pages report that they implicate Saudi Arabia in the 9-11 attack. If true, such evidence must be made known to the world. S.1471 would accomplish that.

I also want my two Senators and my House rep to ask the Intelligence Committee of their respective chambers for permission to read the 28-pages. Either I or some other constituent will be calling you in a day or so to ask if you are going to do this. I am not allowed to read the 28-pages, so my representatives need to do it for me.


Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer.

Perry Willis & Jim Babka

Downsize DC

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