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June 4, 2015

$15,000 you pay in taxes, but cannot see

MEDIA NOTE: An interview of Downsize DC President, Jim Babka, will broadcast tonight. Details in the P.S.
Based on a national average, almost 30% of your income and productivity is stolen. This harms you. This hurts your industry.
Worse, you can't see most of these taxes, because they're hidden. And…
These taxes are unconstitutionally levied by unelected bureaucrats. They might call them “regulations,” but they're effectively making LAWS that are binding upon you and your neighbors. And they're doing so WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.
That's why I told Congress to pass’s “Write the Laws Act.”
Please join me. You may borrow from or copy this letter…


Unelected bureaucrats enact 16 regulations for every law Congress passes.
These regulations cost the _average_ household $15,000 in lost income! (
I call that…
By definition…
How can ANYONE “consent” to live by laws passed by people they didn't elect?
Your oath is to support the Constitution, and…
The Constitution invests Congress, and CONGRESS ONLY, with legislative power. It can NOT delegate that power to unelected agencies.
The Executive Branch is ONLY permitted to enforce rules, NOT create them.
The Write the Laws Act would RESTORE this Constitutional “separation of powers.”
If you don't like that, it seems you don't like representative government. That's a curious position for a member of Congress!
But if you want to restore what the Constitution requires…
Sponsor and pass the Write the Laws Act!

Send your letter here.
Keeping you abreast of federal actions requires us to…

  • Be tuned into multiple channels of information
  • Be careful to confirm facts before acting
  • Invest time to condense this information so that it’s useful and efficient for you

All of that takes time, and time is money.  

Right now, we need your support. Please consider making a one-time contribution or monthly pledge.

And thank you for being a DC Downsizer,
James Wilson
Policy Research Director
P.S. Tonight (Thursday, June 4) you can hear Downsize DC President, Jim Babka, on air. The the 46-minutes, pre-recorded interview will broadcast tonight, between 9 and 11 PM Eastern (6 and 8 PM Pacific). It can be heard online at Once there…


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