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June 5, 2015

Will the Feds kill again?

I’ve once more asked Congress to let Americans opt of FDA control. In other words…

  • The FDA should confine itself to sharing the results of its research
  • It should STOP controlling what people ingest

The reason this change is needed will become clear when you read my letter to Congress below. I hope you’ll decide to copy or edit that letter to send your own message to Congress. You can do that using our FDA campaign. 
The hard-wired portion of the letter to Congress reads…

Make the FDA advisory, not dictatorial.

You can copy or edit the following sample letter for your message to Congress…

I ask you to take this action because Federal health care “guidance” has been a perfect disaster.
* You told Americans to eat less salt. This turned out to be wrong.
* You told Americans to eat less fat. This turned out to be wrong.
* You told Americans to eat less red meat. This turned out to be wrong.
* You subsidized the addition of sugar and high fructose corn syrup to our diet.
The result has been…
A massive epidemic of obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and, in many cases, untimely death for millions of Americans.
Federal guidance has been so wrong so often that Congress should be brought up on charges of manslaughter. And yet…
You and your minions in the bureaucracy continue your arrogant meddling, daring time and again to impose your quack doctrines on the American people.
Worst of all is the ever-growing carnage caused by the ever-more-powerful FDA. The damage done by this agency has been best documented by William Faloon, at the Life Extension Foundation. Please educate yourself about this problem by reading his work —
But rather than curtail this murderous rogue agency, Congress constantly seeks to give it more power. The latest example is the drive to eliminate trans-fats. But why should we believe you will be any more right about this than you were about salt, fat, red meat, and subsidized sugar?!
Are you unaware that trans fats also exists in completely NATURAL foods? Are you unaware of the studies undermining the claim that all trans-fats are harmful? Here are two articles about this for your consideration…
And why do we need dictatorial action from you or the FDA on this front when consumer choice has already driven trans-fat consumption below the level recommended by the American Heart Association.
Your entire approach in this area is wrong, both morally and constitutionally.
* Morally, you have no right to threaten people with punishment to make them eat your way.
* Constitutionally, the 9th and 10th Amendments ban your power to prohibit anything.
I deny consent. Your actions are illegitimate. Reverse course. Don’t give the FDA more power. Instead, make it advisory only.

Send your letter to Congress here. 
Here's your real power: Forward this message to friends and ask them to do as you have done.
Perry Willis
Vice President
Downsize DC

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