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Fantastic Start

We stated our theme for 2007: AGGRESSIVE ACTION!

January lived up to it. We . . .

* Made our monthly budget goal in nine days. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that again?

* Set a new mark for messages to Congress — 45,024

* Had our 9th best month for recruitment with 651 new Downsizers (yes, only three months were better last year).

* Exceeded January of last year by 39,078 messages to Congress, and 461 new recruits

* Delayed a vote in the House on regulating grassroots organizations like

* Defeated these grassroots regulations in the Senate,

* Proved the concept that we can join liberals, conservatives, and libertarians to work together for common goals and actually force Congress to change direction

* Started advertising the “Read the Bills Act” — our first ad will appear on at any moment, and more are set to follow (we’ll let you know when our ad is up on the website)

* Raised our monthly pledges up over $6,500 . . .

Now we want to

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Chasing A Cow Over Five States

Darol Dickinson gives an account of a visit from a USDA Investigator. Read all about it here. ::::::If this is how the USDA treats ranchers, farmers and vetinarians now, imagine how much worse it will get under the National Animal Identification System?

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Downsize DC Media Announcements

Downsize DC Media Announcements

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Victory in Maine!

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .::::::Wow! The Maine legislature just passed a resolution refusing to comply with the federal REAL ID Act, and calling on Congress to repeal it.::::::The vote was overwhelming. The Maine Senate voted for the resolution 34 to ZERO, while the Maine House passed it 137 to 4!::::::Ouch! That’s a real spanking for Congress. Now . . .::::::The REAL ID Act is on the ropes, so it’s time to throw as many hard punches as we can. Please send more messages to Congress today asking them to repeal the REAL ID Act. Here’s what I’m going to say in my message:

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The Senator Doesn’t Know What He Passed

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .::::::In this issue:::::::* The 800-pound gorilla in our living room:::* The Senator doesn’t know what he passed:::* Media announcement

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Wisconsin Interview today

Jim Babka will be on Newsmakers with host Peter Ferrand on WRJN AM 1400 in Racine, Wisconsin. The 30 minute interview will start shortly after 1 PM Central time. It appears there is no way to listen to the show on the Net.

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Unacknowledged legislators

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .::::::Percy Bysshe Shelley said that, “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” Shelley was, of course, a poet, so it’s understandable that he got it wrong. Who are the real “unacknowledged legislators?”

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An arresting situation

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .::::::You can be punished for what your government does in your name. ::::::When you allow your government to treat others as you would not want to be treated, do not be surprised if you are treated in the same way by other governments. ::::::Imagine that you are in a foreign country, simply changing planes in an airport on your way to yet another country. You’re just there long enough to walk from one plane to another, but on your way down the concourse men with guns and badges surround you, arrest you, and take you away to prison.::::::Imagine being incarcerated in a foreign land and tried in foreign courts under foreign laws for doing something that is perfectly legal in your own country. ::::::Imagine being arrested in Canada for doing things in America that are legal in America. ::::::Imagine spending years in prison in a foreign country under such circumstances. ::::::All you were doing is changing planes, and BANG, your life comes to a screeching halt. ::::::It could happen to you, because this is what YOUR government is doing to others.

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Weekend at Bernie’s

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .::::::A man named Bernie called my radio show last week. I had just completed explaining what I thought we should do in the Middle East and Iraq. Yet Bernie asked, “What would you do?” ::::::Bernie told me how naive I was to believe war would never happen. But I never said or even hinted that I thought that. I tried to dispel his confusion. ::::::But Bernie wasn’t finished . . .::::::* He suggested the Iraq invasion was a proper response to 9-11. :::* He insisted that Iraq’s WMDs had been moved to Iran or Syria. “We saw them on our satellites,” he said. :::* He claimed the President already has the authority to attack Iran ::::::And where did the President get this authority? Who wants Iran attacked? According to Bernie, God does.

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Downsize DC Conference Call – January 14, 2007 edition

Bernie from Nebraska debuts at the end of this episode. I hope he calls back! Two other callers. ::::::Main topic: Solutions to Iraq. ::::::The show is sponsored by, as well as the Marijuana Policy Project and Gun Owners of America. ::::::

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