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October 17, 2016

A victory against drug prohibition, chance for another

Victory over the DEA, plus a chance to legalize pot at the federal level Retweet

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Good news! The DEA has backed off its effort to ban kratom. Remember, kratom is a supplement that could alleviate pain better than opiates, with less risk. The DEA was proposing to ban it, but…

Massive public backlash, including from DC Downsizers, has stopped the DEA dead in its tracks. Some in Congress are also responding to public opinion on a similar issue — marijuana. Specifically…

Representative Jared Polis of Colorado has introduced HR 1013, the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act.” HR 1013 already has 20 sponsors. In addition to Polis, the sponsors include… [Cannabis Sativa]

  • Arizona: Ruben Gallego [7]
  • California: Jared Huffman [2], Barbara Lee [13], Eric Swalwell [15], Michael Honda [17], Zoe Lofgren [19], Ted Lieu [33], Alan Lowenthal [47], Dana Rohrabacher [48]
  • Colorado: Ed Perlmutter [7]
  • DC: Eleanor Holmes Norton [At-Large]
  • Illinois: Janice Schakowsky [9]
  • Massachusetts: Michael E. Capuano [7]
  • Maine: Chellie Pingree [1]
  • New York: Jerrold Nadler [10]
  • Oregon: Earl Blumenauer [3]
  • Tennessee: Steve Cohen [9]
  • Virginia: Donald S. Beyer [8]
  • Wisconsin: Mark Pocan [2]

This bill essentially legalizes marijuana at the federal level. We believe passage would place marijuana prohibition on the road to extinction in all the various states and jurisdictions. But the bill is not ideal, so…

Additional analysis of this legislation is included in the comments I sent to my representatives (below).

If you believe marijuana should be legalized, and you do NOT see your rep on this list, please join me in asking your representative to co-sponsor this bill. You can copy and paste my letter, unless you want to draft a message of your own.

This isn’t a perfect bill. It’s imperfections are reflected in its title. I’m convinced that neither pot nor booze should be regulated by The State.


This bill represents the present position of the American people, and it moves a long way in the right direction. It would also end federal interference with states that have already legalized pot either for medical or recreational use.

I have a list of the 21 sponsors. But I do not see your name on it. I urge you to sign-up as a co-sponsor. Obviously, I’ll be aware if you do or do not.


Thank you for being an active DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka

Downsize DC


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