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January 30, 2013

Addressing the Piers Morgan problem

Piers Morgan likes to ask questions about gun ownership and then drown out the answers. Perhaps we can solve that problem by returning the favor. Maybe we can DROWN HIM with our answers. Toward that end . . .

I took the following actions this morning using Perry Willis' article How Michael Shermer failed to think critically about gun prohibition.

I logged onto Twitter and sent the following message…

@PiersTonight You ask questions but don't encourage answers. Will you have the integrity to read the answers here

Please do the same. Let's get his attention.

Then I went to his comment page and sent the following message . . .

You keep asking why people need to own assault rifles and high capacity magazines. But you're obnoxious about letting people answer. The article linked below provides multiple answers, plus much else that you need to grapple with. Do you have the courage to read it, or do you prefer simply to bully people and manipulate your audience?

The article is titled “How Michael Shermer failed to think critically about gun prohibition.” You can read it here: You deperately need a dose of critical thinking on this subject, but do you have the integrity to be contradicted?

Please send Piers Morgan your own similar comment, and point him to Perry's article. You can copy or edit my example.

Please let us know if you took these actions by sending us an email at

Or comment on our Facebook page.


Jim Babka
Downsize DC

P.S. I've watched a ton of the regime media coverage on this issue. Perry’s response is unique and potent. How did he come up with it? He used a process called “heuristic thinking,” which we described Monday. We’ll be using this powerful method quite a bit with the new Zero Aggression Project.

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