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September 29, 2016

ALL the Benefits of Engage

  1. Is this the end of

    Has Congress erected a barrier we cannot overcome?
  2. Say “goodbye” to the Educate the Powerful System

    Is this the end of an era?
  3. Say goodbye to copy & paste

    Downsize DC Action Items will be easier to send then ever!
  4. A new tool that’s more powerful than letter-writing
    And a moment of true confession
  5. The new Downsize DC will give you more “targets”
    Shouldn’t more people have the benefit of your opinions?
  6. Track, hunt, and kill bad legislation
    And get your name on our Refounders roster
  7. Will your name be on the Refounders roster?
    Three final benefits before the deadline
  8. Deadline warning plus two bonus benefits
    Three days left to add your name to the Refounders Committee
  9. DEADLINE tomorrow & the Presidential Debate scam
    Refounders Committee CLOSES Friday, September 30, 11:59 PM Central

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