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March 8, 2013

Applaud Senator Rand Paul

Quotations of the Day:

From John Cusack’s Twitter feed . . .

  • For gods sake where are democrats ??
  • Up to 8 Senators now joining the Rand Paul #filibuster. Where are the so-called progressive Democratic senators?
  • AG say its ok to kill us citizens–and other bad guys- but trust us we're the good guys…how’d that play out through history mr holder…pay no attention to the man behind that curtain the great and powerful O has spoken…
  • dems ? Do U have any thoughts on Obama's transition from a progressive academic humanist 2 a regressive corporate warlord?
  • when ukill innocent people without trial – imprison them with no trial what would u call it? (Obama) used bush powers & expanded them

Applaud Senator Rand Paul . . .

He's just done three great things.

  • He got Attorney General Holder to virtually admit that the Obama Administration is willing to use drone strikes to kill American citizens on American soil.
  • He then led a multi-hour filibuster against Obama's new CIA nominee to protest the President's murderous drone policy.
  • He delivered enough pressure with his “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” filibuster, that the Attorney General has changed his answer to a firm “No.”

Politicians rarely take moral stands on anything — as evidenced by the silence of the so-called progressives that John Cusack complains about above — but when a politician does take a strong moral stand, as Rand Paul did, we should praise him or her to the skies.

Please go to this post on the Senator's Facebook page and praise him for his principled actions.

Thank you!

Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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