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September 17, 2006

Babka needs a theme

Babka called me yesterday. Said he needed a theme for his radio show. I suggested he call John Williams. Maybe John could compose him something suitably Darth-Vaderish.

Babka sighed and said, “Not that kind of theme you dope. I mean theme as in subject. A description of what I’ll discuss.”

I said, “Well, what will you discuss?”

I heard another Babka sigh followed by, “If I could tell you that I wouldn’t be searching for a theme, you dope. I’m going to talk about lots of things, with no unifying theme.”

“Oh,” said I.

Silence followed. Crickets chirped. Babka sighed again. “What I really want,” said he, “Is for Downsizers to call and ask me questions. Surely they have some.”

“Well there you go,” said I, “the theme of the show is ‘Babka answers your questions.'”

And . . .

You guessed it. I heard another Babka sigh, followed by a click, and a dial tone. I guess I wasn’t much help. But you can succeed where I failed. Babka needs you. Call him. Ask him questions. Make assertions. Offer opinions. Rant. Rave. Suggest a theme. Read him your grocery list. The possibilities are endless, and the opportunity unprecedented. Use it. Abuse it. Do it today, at the following time and place . . .

You can call toll-free at 1-800-259-9231 or email CALL at DOWNSIZEDC dot ORG

This hour-long program starts at 5:06 PM Eastern (4:06 PM Central, 3:06 PM Mountain, 2:06 PM Pacific, 1:06 PM Alaska).

To listen on the Net, go to and click on channels one or two for the free feed. You can sample the higher quality, subscription feed on channels three or four for 25 minutes.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Perry Willis
Communications Director, Inc.

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