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October 20, 2007

Blowback: Is Ron Paul or Rudy right?

My Sunday afternoon radio show, the Downsize DC Conference Call, will discuss “blowback.” But first . . . 

I’m on air TONIGHT (Saturday), with Ian and Mark of FREE TALK LIVE.

I’ll be on just after 7 PM Eastern (6 PM Central, 5 PM Mountain, and 4 PM Pacific). The show broadcasts on nearly 30 stations and on the Net. To learn if the show airs on an Affiliate near you, or to Listen live — or even to listen later on their very popular podcast — goto

You know, Ian and Mark are both DC Downsizers. They quote the Downsizer-Dispatch frequently on the show. They have me on as a guest regularly. They mention the Read the Bills Act almost habitually.

That kind of programming helps us, “get the message out; everywhere, every day.” So I want to encourage you DC Downsizers to contact you local talk radio stations on behalf of Free Talk Live. We have 30 stations carrying the show now, but imagine promoting Downsize DC on 300 stations!

Instructions on how to do so are here:

But please note, you should not contact local talk stations if you have never listened to Free Talk Live, as program directors may ask them questions about the show and how they feel about it. Both Ian and Mark want people to call honestly — and so do I.

But if you’ve never listened, that’s easily remedied tonight — or later on the podcasts.

And I’m on the air again tomorrow (Sunday) for where we’ll be discussing blowback. This is an important topic in the realm of foreign policy. It’s crucial to understand it.

Ron Paul has suggested blowback was the reason for September 11. Rudy Guiliani says, “That’s absurd.”

What do you think? Is Ron Paul right or is he just “blaming the victims of 9/11?” Or how about Rudy Guiliani? …is he standing strong against the “blame America first crowd?”

You can give your opinion at:
CALL at DOWNSIZEDC dot ORG (we write this out long-hand to block automated spam harvesters;
also, if you hit “reply” this Dispatch, I will not get your email by show time).

“Amens” are great. But disagreement makes interesting radio. So don’t assume that just because you disagree I don’t want to hear from you.

My one-hour Sunday program starts at 4:06 PM Eastern (3:06 PM Central, 2:06 PM Mountain, and 1:06 PM Pacific). And the best way to hear it is at

Archived episodes are available in mp3 format at the blog.

The Downsize DC Conference Call is sponsored by and Gun Owners of America.

Tune in and enjoy the show.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Conference Call 

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