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October 22, 2007

The text of the fax from Tehran

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“How do wars start? Diplomats lie to reporters and then believe what they read in the newspapers.”
– Karl Krauss

Subject: Iranian offer of a comprehensive settlement with the United States

In May 2003 the Iranian goverment faxed the United States government a proposal to discuss a comprehensive settlement. Prompt action on this offer could have brought peace between our two countries, and done much to stablize the entire region.

How did our government react? It snubbed the offer.

To learn more about this, and other opportunities for negotiated settlements, we recomend that you buy the current issue of “Esquire” magazine (November 2007, with Charlize Theron on the cover). Read the article “Briefing: Our Impending War with Iran” by John H. Richardson.

We have appended the text of the Iranian fax below my signature (minus diplomatic minutia about how to proceed with the discussions). There are many good things on the list of Iranian offers. There are also questionable things. The list is a starting point for negotiations, and like all negotiations, not everything on the list would be part of the final settlement.

It is important that we all be aware of what Iran offered, and of the opportunity our elected leaders threw away in a fit of moral posturing (or perhaps because they actually prefer war to peace).

Please also make your elected representatives aware that you are aware of how this issue has been handled. Please send a message to Congress asking that they pass a resolution forbidding an attack on Iran without prior Congressional approval.

In your personal comments, add that you are aware of the May 2003 Iranian offer for a comprehensive settlement, and that you are appending the text of that offer to make sure that Congress is also aware of it. You can cut and paste the text of the offer as I have appended it beneath my signature into your personal comments.

You can send your message here.


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Text of Iranian offer for a comprehensive settlement, May 2003:

Iranian Aims: The U.S. accepts a dialogue “in mutual respect” and agrees that Iran puts the following aims on the agenda

:Halt in US hostile behavior and rectification of status of Iran in the US: interference in internal or external relations, “axis of evil,” terrorism list

Abolishment of all sanctions: commercial sanctions, frozen assets, judgments (FSIA), impediments in international trade and financial institutions

Iraq: democratic and fully representative government in Iraq, support of Iranian claims for Iraqi reparations, respect for Iranian national interests in Iraq and religious links to Najaf/Karbal

Full access to peaceful technology, biotechnology, and chemical technology.

Recognition of Iran’s legitimate security interests in the region with according defense capacity.

Terrorism: pursuit of anti-Iranian terrorists, above all MKO (People’s Mujahedin of Iran) and support for repatriation of their members in Iraq, decisive action against anti-Iranian terrorists, above all MKO and affiliated organizations in the US

US Aims: Iran accepts a dialogue “in mutual respect” and agrees that the US puts the following aims on the agenda.

WMD: full transparency for security that there are no Iranian endeavors to develop or possess WMD, full cooperation with IAEA based on Iranian adoption of all relevant instruments (93+2) and all further IAEA protocols

Terrorism: decisive action against any terrorists (above all Al Qaida) on Iranian territory, full cooperation and exchange of all relevant information.

Iraq: coordination of Iranian influence for activity supporting stabilization and the establishment of democratic institutions and a non-religious government.

Middle East: 1) Stop any material support to Palestinian opposition groups (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.) from Iranian territory, pressure on these organizations to stop violent action against civilians within borders of 1967. 2) Action on Hezbollah to become a mere political organization within Lebanon 3) Acceptance of the Arab League Beirut declaration (Saudi initiative, two-state approach)


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