February 4, 2020

Downsize DC breaks through for you

These new breakthroughs will put you in charge of Congress.

You’re about to get the most powerful Downsize DC ever Retweet

This new, dynamic Downsize DC will…

  1. Include a brand new website, optimized for mobile use.
  2. Come with a new tool for you to use that will make you instantly more effective.
  3. Feature a strategy that will GUARANTEE bill passage.

In fact, that third point will be the most dramatic aspect of the new Downsize DC. Our new strategy will permit you to set the congressional agenda.

Because everyone is time-limited and busy, my introduction of these concepts will come in installments. Reading all of them will induce excitement.

The Path to Breakthrough

2019 will be known as our “wilderness” year because, ironically, in late-2018, Downsize DC was “downsized.”

For most of our history, we have provided you with the ability to send a letter to Congress using our own, proprietary system. Times changed; that was no longer feasible. In 2016, we began trying to implement a “Software as a Service” product. This leased system wasn’t supposed to require a new website, but it did. And that website integration was never quite “right.” By late 2018, we still didn’t have everything working. That process really harmed us.

Last summer, we began using a new product for sending letters. This experience has gone much better!

You haven’t heard as much from us in recent months. But “keeping our powder dry” paid-off.

By Thanksgiving, we’d accumulated enough resources to build a brand new, mobile-friendly website. You’ll see it in a couple of weeks!

Breakthroughs that empower you

When I write, “You’re about to get the most powerful Downsize DC ever,” I mean something very specific.

  • We won’t be doing more.
  • You won’t be doing more.

In life, we always strive to do MORE with LESS. The belt-tightening that we experienced, a year ago, has led to a burst of creativity.

The result is a new strategy that will make YOU more powerful.

I’ll explain Downsize DC’s new, dynamic approach in two upcoming messages.

We’ll also reveal the new tool that will instantly make you more powerful.

For now, we’re kicking off a Founder’s club to launch the new site. And our new “launch club” will be the…

Agenda Setting Founders

I’ll explain what an Agenda Setter is in an upcoming message. But here’s a hint: It’s based on the concept of Agenda Setting Theory.

You can become an Agenda Setting Founder!

  • Every donor to DownsizeDC.org during February will be listed on our website, the same way we’ve done in epochs past (see the sidebar of our current About Us page).
  • Names will be listed in rank order of contribution size, and ties will be resolved by who gave first.
  • You can leap to the top by making a monthly pledge; we “annualize” those for ranking purposes. If you’re already giving a pledge, you’ll be counted, but this would be a great time to increase that pledge.
  • You can choose NOT to be recognized by clicking the appropriate box on our contribution form.

Become a Founder

Imagine, putting YOU in charge of Congress!

Jim Babka
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

Today’s Action: Become an Agenda Setting Founder

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