January 29, 2020

Trump’s “Bernie Sanders-style” trade agreement

How the new China deal shows that Trump is more Bernie Sanders than Ronald Reagan Retweet

Everyone knows that Bernie Sanders is a socialist. What has been less certain is the extent to which President Trump agrees with Sanders, and disagrees with Ronald Reagan, when it comes to trade.

Those of us who are old enough remember that Ronald Reagan favored free trade.

Well, Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. The new China trade deal tells us, in no uncertain terms, that Trump favors a Soviet-style approach, just like Bernie Sanders.

Trump apologists promised us he would use high tariffs to get rid of all tariffs. We now know that claim is false. The high taxes Americans must pay to buy Chinese goods remain in place. What we got instead are mere promises that Chinese rulers will force their people to buy more American products. In other words…

Trump has persuaded the Chinese to adopt a Soviet-style, Bernie Sanders, command-and-control trade policy.

This is shameful. The “land of the free” is now fostering the very thing it once fought against – command-and-control socialism. And supposed conservatives are cheering it!

Those of us who still favor freedom should protest. Many in Congress have made noises about removing Trump’s unconstitutional power to increase tariffs. We must tell them to replace their noise with concrete action. Please tell your Representative and Senators to…

Stop the trade wars!

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC

Today’s Action: Stop the trade wars.


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