January 21, 2020

Legislative report: Marilyn Monroe, Ritchie Valens, and the Read the Bills Act

Legislative report, November 2019

La Bamba, the Blonde Bombshell, the Read the Bills Act, and YOU Retweet

Downsize DC provides a special service. We keep track of how many bills and pages of legislation Congress passes each month. In November…

  • The Senate passed 22 bills totaling 701 pages.
  • The House passed 39 bills amounting to 476 pages.

These bills dealt with every subject under the sun…

…from federalizing crimes of animal cruelty to introducing the intelligence community into national supply chains.

Quite a few of these bills seem to be the legislative equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. And two very special bills even renamed post offices after Ritch Valens (who wrote La Bamba) and Marilyn Monroe. You can see the full list of legislation here in our special monthly report:  https://archive.downsizedc.org/bills-passed-in-congress-page-counts-november-2019/

But we want to ask a very important question…

Did the people who voted for these thousand-plus-pages of legislation READ much, if any of it?

You know the answer. Therefore, we ask you to complain and ask for a redress of your grievance.

Join me in using our system at Downsize DC to scold your reps for passing 701 pages of unread legislation in the Senate, and 476 pages in the House. Ask them to correct the problem by passing Downsize DC’s Read the Bills Act. You can use the very brief letter we wrote or customize it.

Please tell your Representative and Senators to

Reintroduce the Read the Bills Act

Please support the production of this report, the maintenance of the Downsize DC website, and the presentation of this system to send letters to Congress (the annual lease payment is due in June). After you send your letter, make a donation or start a monthly pledge.

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC

Today’s Action: Reintroduce the Read the Bills Act

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