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February 15, 2016

Can you get more Good News than you can handle?

The year is young. Look at what we’ve already accomplished…

  1. One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA) introduced in the Senate by Rand Paul (Kentucky)
  2. OSTA introduced in the House by Representative Mia Love (Utah)
  3. OSTA with record 11 co-sponsors in the House
  4. Collaborated with Representative Ron Blum (Iowa) to create the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA), which cuts Congressional pay when there’s a deficit
  5. Filed three amicus briefs in federal courts

We wanted to get the good news out to a wider audience. Here’s some of what happened…

  1. Sent out a PR Newswire release about OSTA. It was published on 69 websites (with a potential audience of 11.2 million daily visitors).
  2. One of the most interesting events to follow was publication on the site Independent Voter, who also shared the news on their Facebook page, attracting more than 12,000 Likes, 6,000 Shares, and 1,000 comments.
  3. Sent a PR Newswire release about FRA. It was published on 112 websites, (with a potential audience of 12.6 million daily visitors).
  4. After that news, I appeared on the Denise Simon Experience, which is also available on podcast (I was the first segment guest on Friday’s episode).

And we’re growing…

  • In January, 166 people signed up to be on this list
  • So far, in February, 208 new subscribers are receiving this newsletter

On top of that, even more is happening. But it’s still behind the scenes. We hope to tell you about it all, very soon. But with all that rapid progress, we outran our supply lines a little bit.

I need to pay $11,400 in bills this Wednesday. But I’m $2,300 shy of what I need. We have more good news than we can handle, so…

Could you help by making an emergency contribution today? I’ll probably need help from 25 or 35 people, otherwise I’ll be in trouble. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. You can make your contribution, or start a monthly pledge using our secure contribution form.

Jim Babka


Downsize DC

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