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February 17, 2016

The part of my job I hate second most

As I told you in our last messageTODAY, I have to sign checks for $11,400. We needed $2,300 in order to cover those checks. Thankfully, we’ve raised $794. That helps, but obviously it’s not enough.

We reported lots of good news

  • Bills introduced
  • New relationships on Capitol Hill
  • Publicity for our efforts
  • Growth

We have momentum right now. I’d prefer to build on that. Instead, I have to come and plead for help.

This is the part of my job I dislike second-most — asking for urgent funding (filling out government forms is worse). But if I don’t turn to you, then to whom can I turn?

In our earlier message, I suggested 25 to 35 donors were required to cover our need. 18 people responded, for which we’re very grateful. Thank you! Indeed…

It seems likely that we still need another 25 donors to get the job done, UNLESS…

One of those donors is someone able and willing to make a four-figure contribution — perhaps even for the full remaining balance of $1,506.

Please help us get back to work. We have MORE good news coming! This cash flow problem is a distraction. You can contribute on our secure form.

If you want to mail a check you can find a form for that, and a mailing address on that same page. Due to the urgency of this cash flow situation, please also hit Reply to this message and let me know how much you’re sending.

I thank you in advance for your support.

Jim Babka, President

Downsize DC

P.S. You might be wondering, but we did NOT get in over our head. We simply outran our supply lines delivering good news. And as anyone who has ever run a business can tell you, there’s more than one way to cover a check. You can rob Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. And we can do that too, but it will hurt. Our staff will feel the effects. Our work will slow when we should be pushing the accelerator. Instead, please help us cover this modest bill.

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