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November 13, 2012

Can you help us test our new software tomorrow?

Also, Help Wanted: Programmer. See the P.S. for details.

This is advance notice that we'll be asking you to help us test some new online software tomorrow.

Please make sure to open and read tomorrow’s Dispatch so you'll know what to do.

This should be fun.

You’ll get to see and use something new and powerful. We think you’ll like it.

So look for the Dispatch in the morning.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.  

P.S. Are you a software engineer with experience in PHP, Java, or Scala programming languages? Or are you intrigued and excited about “functional programming” in general? If so, and if you'd be interested in working with our team (as a part-time volunteer to begin, but with potential to become compensated), please drop us a line.

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