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November 14, 2012

Help us test our new Deny Consent software

We've made new progress with our Deny Consent website.

We have a sample campaign you can now test. The subject is drug prohibition.

This test campaign will show you one of the ways we plan to use our new polling software.

You'll also get to see how we plan to expand our Educate the Powerful System...

  • You'll be able to do more than just contact Congress
  • You'll be able to influence all the key social power-centers 

When you go to test this new campaign you'll see two columns…

  • The left side contains polling questions
  • The right side has accordion tabs for the new tools we'll add to the ETP.

Starting on the left …

Our Downsize DC's campaign would have intro text in this area. But the Deny Consent approach will…

  • Start with the Zero Aggression Principle
  • Apply that principle to the issue — drug prohibition in this case
  • Ask the reader questions about both the principle and the issue
  • Ask for action based on how the reader responds

What the reader sees will change depending on how he or she answers the questions.

Those who agree that the Zero Aggression Principle applies to drug prohibition will be asked to notify Congress that they deny consent for drug prohibition.

But those who disagree, and who continue to support drug prohibition, will be given a counter argument and asked a powerful new question.

You'll have to go try this new software to see what this powerful new question is.

When you do the test, start by saying that you FAVOR drug prohibition. Keep saying that all the way through. That will allow you to see the whole approach. Then ….

Go back and change your answers to whatever your real position is. And if you oppose drug prohibition, use the Congressional contact tab to notify Congress that you deny consent.

That’s when you'll want to look at the right hand column.

From there you'll send your letter to Congress, just like with Downsize DC. You should also be able to use the same log-in you use for Downsize DC.

The difference from Downsize DC will come in the other tools shown in the right hand column…

Denying consent will be a process. NOT a one-time action.

And the process will reach out to every social power center. To see what this will mean . . .

After you send your letter to Congress, click on each of the other accordion tabs and read the descriptions for the other tools we’re building.

Hopefully this test will go smoothly for you, but if you run into problems, or want to comment on what we’ve done, send us an email at

When sharing technical details with us, it is very helpful if you would indicate what operating system you're using, along with what browser (please include version number, if using Internet Explorer). We cannot respond to all feedback emails, but ALL will be read by more than one member of our team.

Thanks! I hope you’ll be excited by what you’re about to experience. Go here to do the test.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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