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July 24, 2014

Congress Passing 28 bills Without Reading Them

Please send a letter telling Congress to pass the Read the Bills Act.


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The House will try to pass a whopping 28 bills this week, before the August recess.


That's AT LEAST 347 pages of legislation! But…


* As of July 22, one bill wasn't even ready for the Congressional Printing Office to post online

* Several of these bills didn't even have SUMMARIES for the public to read


I KNOW you're not going to read these bills! Therefore, I can say…


* This isn't “representative government.”

* This is a rubber stamp serving the interests of political cronies.


I DO NOT CONSENT to being governed this way!


In contrast, the Read the Bills Act would…


* Force you to read the bills you support, or hear them read before a quorum in Congress..

* Give the public a seven-day window to read bills online before a final vote, so we can give you our input


Represent me. Know what you're doing. Obey your oath of office.


Pass the Read the Bills Act!




Send your letter through's Educate the Powerful System.


Do you like these letters? Well…


We provide this service for free, but it still costs. Those costs are paid by our donors and monthly pledgers. Their support enables us to…


  • maintain the Educate the Powerful System

  • monitor legislation

  • create legislation of our own

  • write sample letters you can use to issue instructions to Congress


If you're one of these donors, thank you. If not, we are looking for people, like you, to respond with generous contributions of varying sizes.


If you wish you can give more, one strategic way to do so is to make a monthly pledge.


Please click this link, and add your support, today.


Thank you,  


Jim Babka

President, Inc.  


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