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July 29, 2014

Is Immigration Control unConstitutional?



Do you support the Constitution? Most of our readers do. They want its plain spoken words followed. They believe the Ninth and Tenth amendments limit federal powers to those specifically listed. This is called the Enumerated Powers Doctrine. But…


When it comes to immigrants, the Constitution only gives Congress the power to make rules for their naturalization. Naturalization is the process whereby a person becomes a citizen. But there's no enumerated power to restrict travel. In fact, there were no caps on any immigrant workers at all until the 1870s, and no broad-based limits until 1921. Well…


This comes a shock to most people. If it shocks you too, please don’t complain to us. Look at the Constitution for yourself! Then decide if you really do believe in a government limited to enumerated powers.


Please tell your members of Congress to honor their oath to obey the Constitution.


You may borrow from or copy this letter…


I don't see any provision in the Constitution that allows you to prohibit people from…


* owning, selling, or using drugs, or…

* entering the county


You're permitted to make rules for naturalization — how someone becomes an American citizen. But you're not permitted to bar human travel or the right to work, without individualized probable cause.


With your unconstitutional laws — whether it's drug prohibition or people prohibition — you've sowed violence in Central America and reaped a border crisis. Children are fleeing the violence Congress created, yet you consider them “illegal.”


Prohibition NEVER works…


* Drug Prohibition led to a “black market” run by gangsters

* Immigration restrictions (a.k.a., people prohibition) ALSO create a black market for labor based on fraud, violence, and exploitation




Remember, YOU WORK FOR ME. I do NOT work for you. You're supposed to represent me.


So I'm telling you…


Do the ethical thing. Obey your oath of office by repealing your patently unconstitutional drug laws and immigration laws.


If you can't do these things, on what basis do you believe you deserve my “consent” to lead?




Send your letter via's Educate the Powerful System,

James Wilson

Policy Research Director, Inc.  


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