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May 3, 2006

Correcting my mistake + Babka’s letter to the New Hampshire Senate


I messed up the coding in today’s Dispatch for the New Hampshire Senators’ email addresses. If I had done the coding correctly you could have just clicked on each address to open an email composition window, pasted in your message, and hit “send.” The coding has now been corrected in the version of the Dispatch posted below on this blog. You may want to use those links instead. It will be faster for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, a copy of the message Jim Babka sent to New Hampshire Senators is provided below the fold:

Dear Senator,

What you do tomorrow could send ripples throughout the country. Oppose compliance with the REAL ID Act and other states may follow your lead. I urge you to do exactly that. I believe the REAL ID Act poses great dangers for the future and will do nothing to enhance our security.

The federal government is becoming too big and powerful. I fear where this will lead. I am concerned for my childrens’ future.

As the leader of a small government organization I can tell you that many millions of Americans share my concerns. I have found that the REAL ID Act really strikes a nerve. Most Americans don’t want it. They intensely oppose it. This is one reason it failed in the U.S. Senate three times, and was only passed by combining it with a funding bill for Iraq that few in Congress dared to oppose.

You could start a domino effect. You could do something in the revolutionary spirit of our Founding Fathers. And it seems appropriate that such an effort should launch from a state whose motto is, “Live Free or Die.” I urge you to oppose compliance with the REAL ID Act. Many Americans are watching. And you are in my prayers.

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC Foundation
&, Inc.
Host… The Downsize DC Conference Call
Big government harms you, hurts your family, damages your industry,
and destroys your community — it even kills people. We must Downsize DC
for Human Progress.

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