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May 3, 2006

REAL ID victory possible in New Hampshire if we help!

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

URGENT ACTION NEEDED URGENTLY! (did we mention that this is urgent?):

The New Hampshire House has voted to NOT comply with the REAL ID Act! The governor has said he will sign this non-compliance bill if it comes to his desk! The matter now rests in the hands of the New Hampshire Senate — a mere 24 people! If New Hampshire rejects the REAL ID program it could pave the way for other states to do the same. And the pressure could grow for Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act!

The New Hampshire Senate is set to vote tomorrow!

What happens in New Hampshire tomorrow affects not only the people in that state, but potentially all of us. It could mark the beginning of the end for the REAL ID Act. So we’re going to do something a little different. Normally all of our efforts are aimed at the U.S. Congress. But now we want you to contact the New Hampshire Senate. We want you to encourage them NOT to comply with the REAL ID Act!

Non-New Hampshire residents — people from Congress — have already gone to New Hampshire to urge them to submit to REAL ID, so we can do the same for the opposite purpose. Tell the New Hampshire Senators they can lead the nation, and fire a “shot heard around the country,” by being the first to reject REAL ID. Tell them you want the same to happen in your own state, and that this is more likely if New Hampshire takes the first heroic stand and lives true to its motto: “Live free or die!”

Here’s how to do it . . .

New Hampshire has a true citizens’ legislature, so there are no phone numbers to call. But there are email addresses you can use. But there’s a problem . . .

The Downsize DC system does NOT send emails to legislators!

This will come as a surprise to people who mistakenly assume that’s all we do. But in fact, it’s something we almost never do. Instead, our system fills out forms on Congressional web pages. This is highly effective because Congressional offices pay attention to constituent communications through their web forms, and tend to ignore emails because of the spam problem.

We don’t want you to GANG EMAIL the New Hampshire Senate. We want to encourage them, not irritate them. So instead, we want you to write them individual, personalized emails of encouragement, telling them how important it is to YOU PERSONALLY that they reject the REAL ID program.

* We’ve provided the names and email addresses of the Senators below.
* You can use the same message for multiple Senators, but . . .
* Mail to each Senator one at a time (not as a group), and . . .
* Do as many as you can, but . . .
* Don’t just start from the top of the list and neglect the bottom, because . . .
* If everyone did that we might lose crucial votes.
* If you can’t mail to everyone, pick a starting point at random, but . . .
* Please try to mail all of them if at all possible.

I know this is time consuming, but it is SO IMPORTANT. We have a chance at an important victory here. The Senate subcommittee on this bill recommended it unanimously, but the leader of the Senate opposes it. So we need to encourage the Senators to do the right thing. The vote is tomorrow so please get started as soon as you can and contact as many as you can. Thank you so much! Thank you for being a DC Downsizer! (The list of Senators is below my signature line)

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

01 John Gallus Berlin, NH

02 Carl Johnson Meredith, NH

03 Joseph Kenney Union, NH

04 Robert Boyce Alton Bay, NH

05 Peter Burling Cornish, NH

06 Richard Green
15 Nola Avenue
Rochester, NH 03867-3316
No email specified

07 Robert Flanders
Antrim, NH 03440-0001

08 Bob Odell Lempster, NH

09 Sheila Roberge Bedford, NH

10 Thomas Eaton Keene, NH

11 Peter Bragdon Milford, NH

12 David Gottesman Nashua, NH

13 Joseph Foster Nashua, NH

14 Robert Clegg Hudson, NH

15 Sylvia Larsen Concord, NH

16 Theodore Gatsas Manchester, NH

17 John Barnes Raymond, NH

18 André Martel Manchester, NH

19 Robert Letourneau
30 South Avenue
Derry, NH 03038
No email specified

20 Lou D’Allesandro Manchester, NH

21 Iris Estabrook Durham, NH

22 Charles Morse
18 Brook Hollow Drive
Salem, NH 03079-1866
No email specified

23 Margaret Hassan Exeter, NH

24 Martha Fuller Clark Portsmouth, NH

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