March 13, 2018

2nd Episode – Jim Babka’s Post-Statist Review

Dick’s Sporting Goods new gun sales policies, the good and the bad Retweet

Episode two of the Post-Statist Review is out! 

In this episode…

One:  Dick’s Sporting Goods issued a press release announcing their new policy to stop selling guns to adults under 21 and to stop selling AR-15s after the Parkland, FL shooting. They also called for more laws and prohibitions at the federal level. Co-host Howard seeks Jim’s line-by-line analysis of the release which yields several insights.

Two:  After the first episode, where Obamacare was discussed, we got several questions focused around how much Jim blames Obamacare for losing his doctor. But did the problem with healthcare begin with Obamacare? Jim dives into the “History of health insurance in the United States,” starting all the way back in 1869!

Three:  Then, Jim and Howard discuss the dangers of power and obedience in the light of the Stanford Prison and Milgram experiments. This conversation leads to a ZAP Mental Lever demonstrating that power corrupts not only leaders but followers too!

With the first episode, the show was available on SoundCloud and iTunes. Since then, we’ve added a download button for both players, as well as Stitcher and Google Play.

You’ll find the details on our website, where you’re also encouraged to leave comments. 

Oh, and listen through to the end for a funny surprise. Howard plays a little trick on Jim.

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