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July 25, 2016

Did Saudi Arabia murder American citizens?

We won! The feds have mostly declassified the 28-pages that implicate Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks. Our sample letter below describes what we need to do next. First…

We’re changing the hardwired message to Congress for this campaign to reflect the new situation. It now reads…

I’m glad the 28-pages were declassified. Now I want all the redactions removed too, except for any that might mention an undercover U.S. agent. I also want all other files related to potential Saudi involvement declassified.

You can copy or edit the following for your personal instructions to Congress…

[Saudi Prince and Bush family friend]

Justice demands this. The evidence revealed in the 28-pages is damning. For instance…

We learn that a Saudi official stayed in the same hotel as the Pentagon attackers the night before 9/11. That could be mere coincidence, but…

The Bush administration spirited this official and other Saudi representatives out of the country before an investigation could be conducted. This was done at the request of President Bush’s close friend, Prince Bandar. That smells. So does this…

Senior al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaida had the unlisted phone number to Bandar’s Aspen chalet. He also had the phone number for Bandar’s bodyguard at the Saudi Embassy. This strongly suggests that Bandar had communications with this terrorist leader.

Bandar also provided funds to a Saudi intelligence officer, Osama Bassan, who appears to have helped manage the 9/11 hijackers. The 28-pages also indicate that Bassan may have received funding from another member of the Saudi Royal family.

These details only scratch the surface. But they paint a horrifying picture. Prince Bandar was not only a high Saudi official, he was also a close personal friend of the Bush family. He often slept in the White House. He even had a nickname – “Bandar Bush.”

Mr. Bandar Bush also became the head of Saudi intelligence after 9/11. Is that a coincidence too? Was he given that job to further the cover-up?

It’s chilling to think that one of the possible actors in the 9/11 crimes was both a close friend of the President and also a frequent guest in the White House.

There’s too much smoke. There appears to be a fire. The American people deserve to know the truth. Did Saudi Arabia murder American citizens? I expect you to take prompt action on this matter.


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