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July 27, 2016

Why does the Left seem to hate black male teens?

Do you favor “work prohibition” for low-skilled teens? Retweet

Notice the sharp recent increase in unemployment for black male teens. The sample letter below provides an explanation. It’s for our campaign to repeal the minimum wage law.

Look at this graph prepared by Mark J. Perry

HT: Mark J Perry

You can copy or edit the following for your personal instructions to Congress…

Data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that joblessness among black male teens increased to 40.1% in June. This is the highest increase since the recent “Great Recession.” It can be explained by the fact that a burst of minimum wage hikes was set to take effect around the country on July 1st. In other words…

Minimum wage laws are making it hard for black male teens to get starter jobs. So I’m led to wonder…

Politicians in general, and the Left in particular, harm black male teens with their policies. Do you actually care more about intentions than results? In other words, are you okay with black male teens suffering, just so you can signal your good intentions?

I feel differently. I have real compassion, not just good intentions. That’s why I oppose “work prohibition” for low-skilled and younger workers. Fix this problem! Repeal the minimum wage law.


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Perry Willis

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